JSpreadsheet extensions for JSpreadsheet Pro v7. Extensions contains  plugins and editors.

JSpreadsheet plugins are custom extensions to expand the JSpreadsheet Spreadsheet Pro capabilities.

What is JSpreadsheet Pro ?
JSpreadsheet, a lightweight Vanilla JavaScript plugin, can help you create exceptional web-based interactive tables and spreadsheets. Compatible with most widely-used spreadsheet software, such as Excel or Google Spreadsheet, it offers users an unrivalled Excel-like user experience. It also works well with prominent modern frameworks and flexibly utilizes a large collection of events, extensions and configurations to meet different application requirements. Impress your clients with a better user experience and a great dynamic interactive data management tool. More information on jspreadsheet.com

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Free plugins v7

Free plugins for v7Pro available on GitHubAuto WidthContextmenu Rows Advanced ActionsContextmenu…

Free editors v7

Free Editors for v7ProCurrency (mask number for currency)Date editors (including date like Excel,…