JSpreadsheet extensions for JSpreadsheet Pro v8/v9/v10. Extensions contains  plugins and editors.

JSpreadsheet plugins are custom extensions to expand the JSpreadsheet Spreadsheet Pro capabilities.

What is JSpreadsheet Pro ?
JSpreadsheet, a lightweight Vanilla JavaScript plugin, can help you create exceptional web-based interactive tables and spreadsheets. Compatible with most widely-used spreadsheet software, such as Excel or Google Spreadsheet, it offers users an unrivalled Excel-like user experience. It also works well with prominent modern frameworks and flexibly utilizes a large collection of events, extensions and configurations to meet different application requirements. Impress your clients with a better user experience and a great dynamic interactive data management tool. More information on jspreadsheet.com

Sub categories


Formula editors advanced

The formula plugin add feature of formulabar and formula editor on cell, you can:- Tape F2 after…


Plugin for JSpreadsheet for add tooltip feature on cell.You have different type of tooltip :-…


The summary plugin can make summary of your sheet :- Create summary on top of sheet- Create your…


The print plugin add lot of features for print sheet as :Add icon on toolbarPrint all cells of sheet…

Open file

Plugin for JSpreadsheet pro : Create a button toolbar for open and load local fileFeatures…

Conditional Style

The Conditional Style plugin like conditional style of Excel. With this plugin, you can : Add…

Formulas Statistics

Formulas advanced for JSpreadsheet Pro v8add formulas based on jStat(javascript)…

Free plugins

Free plugins for v8Pro+ available on GitHubAuto WidthContextmenu Rows Advanced ActionsCopy Paste…

Pivot Table

The pivot table plugin add lot of features for make a pivot table like Excel :- Create Sheet in mode…

Free editors

Free Editors for v8Pro+Currency (mask number for currency)Date editors (including date like Excel,…